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Current Creations

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A maple bacon & smokey BBQ cookie loaded with pretzels, almonds, roasted cashews & toasted corn then generously smothered with a smoky BBQ seasoning (2)

Our Fathers day range including a smokey BBQ and bacon cookie and our 4 hero cookies. #dadpower

5 for $30 OR 10 for $50.00

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The Gold Rush_500x500
The Gold Rush_Lock_500x200

A chocolate chip cookie made with gooey caramel & chocolate = Drool.

5 for $30 OR 10 for $50.00

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Cinematic Sweet n Salty_500x500
Cinematic Sweet n Salty_Lock_500x200

A salted butter cookie made with popcorn + toffee shards + chocolate + OMG

5 for $30 OR 10 for $50.00

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Rocky Rd black background_500x500
Rocky Rd_Lock_500x200

A chocolate cookie made with coconut + white & milk chocolate chunks + marshmallows + freeze dried raspberries + jellies + peanuts …. #stopit

5 for $30 OR 10 for $50.00

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PBJ no background
TOB PrettyBloodyJamminV2

A peanut butter cookie + pretzel balls + milk chocolate chunks & raspberry lollies topped with PB&J & chocolate #Rockin

5 for $30 OR 10 for $50.00

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Cookie Variety 5 Pack

A regular sized assortment of our 4 delicious cookie creations to tantalize the taste buds #cantstopdrooling

5 for $30.00

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Cookie Variety 10 Pack

A large assortment of our 4 delicious cookie creations to wow your friends and family #OMCOOKIE

10 for $50.00

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Cookie Variety 20 pack

An UBER assortment of our 4 delicious cookie creations to feed the whole crew #COOKIEPOWER

20 for $90

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Deliveries & Locations

We deliver Monday – Friday. Order before 11pm for next day delivery. We currently deliver to limited locations, ranging from North Sydney to Homebush. Click the ‘Check Delivery’ button to check on your suburb’s availability.

Note: We will only deliver cookies if we can leave them somewhere safe with someone… Please provide instructions for a safe space in the notes.

Alternatively, if we can’t deliver to your address send us an email @[email protected] and we’ll help you get your next cookie fix OR visit the following establishments who stock our products:

Inner West: Conservatorium north strathfield & Homebush, Happy Endings Burgers, La Cachette Cafe

Inner City: QUBE, 80 Bay Cafe, Powerhouse museum, Pigeonhole Cafe, Bar and Cafe 80, Australian Museum

Check our Instagram page for current pop-ups @theotherbrotherco

Our Story

Welcome to the treat rebellion

Here at The Other Brother, we’re about creating mind-blowing, tastebud-tantalising, beyond-delicious cookie creations – that are so damn luscious you’ll be dreaming about them for days.

We’re pedantic about smashing MORE of the best bits into the cookie dough, adding MORE chocolate to our creations, and expecting MORE from our treat moment.

The Other Brother – Expect More

Expect More

Mind-blowing, tastebud-tantalising, beyond-delicious cookie creations.

Who is The Other Brother?

The Other Brother Company is inspired by David Arnott, the previously unknown younger brother of the Arnott’s Biscuits founder William… Never heard of him? You’re not alone. Like many Other Brothers, David lived in his brother’s shadow, but he has his own amazing story!

It is said that David’s attitude in life was to do things differently or not do them at all.  It’s believed that starting as an apprentice baker and confectioner with his brother, they embarked on the long journey from Scotland to Australia in 1853 to join their recently released convict father and the rest of the family. After a short stint together in the goldfields of the Turron River they parted ways with William heading off to bake whereas David stayed on seeking his fortune, embarking on a series of wild adventures which rumour has it started his taste for mouth-watering inventions.

4 years later, coming back to work in his brother’s now successful baking business in Newcastle, legend has it that David started an underground treat rebellion, driven by his obsession with breaking with traditions, and his carefree spirited attitude. He put everything into his creations and his passion and unconstrained thinking lives on in everything we create for you today.


This is a story as inspirational as it is true(ish). It’s the story of the forgotten Arnott. While their beginnings were the same, David chose a different path on the road less travelled he searched for adventure, before heading back to join his brother’s baking empire in Newcastle.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of David Arnott, a small group from Arnott’s Biscuits has come together and hit the markets with mind-blowing treats that honour the great unknown brother and celebrate his legacy. And it all begins with some out-of-this-world cookies!

With seed funding from Arnott’s, this rebel group is going back to basics – bringing their baked goods to markets across Sydney from the end of October and expanding beyond that throughout 2018.

Find out more about William & David here:

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